Consider These Things While Buying Different Types of Materials for Bathrobes

Types of Materials for Bathrobes

A comfortable bathrobe is one of the very luxurious necessities that you have in life and using a luxurious robe is a great way to feel pampered in your home.

Besides that, bathrobes are a great thing to gift someone. A fantastic dress and beautiful slippers as a set can be an ideal gift for virtually any occasion. When it’s a present for a wedding, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday, you can’t ever fail with a bathrobe.

With advances in the manufacturing and materials used, you always have options from which to select while looking for the perfect robe. However, with so many options from which to pick, it may also be a bit confusing.

Here’s a simple guide to the types of materials from which robes are made. It will be useful in helping you make the right choice for your new robe.

We will show you the best attributes to consider so you can benefit most out of your bathrobe, and receive the maximum comfort and comfort levels possible.

Picking The Ideal Fabric

One of the Critical features of choosing a robe is your fabric.

The type of material used in its construction determines how it seems, its absorbency, and the weight of your robe. Fabric types can range from lace to timeless cotton. How that you intend to use the wrapper is what will determine the fabric you need to use.

Most people utilize the bathrobe when you leave the shower or to lounge in so softness and absorbency could be crucial.

Microfiber Robes

These robes are made thanks to advances in manufacturing technologies.

The fibers made via the process are 1/16 the thickness of hair. The result is that these microfibers feel more tasteful than silk. These robes are often lighter and breathable than artificial or natural fibers. It is possible to weave the microfibers to a suede finished fabric for a soft, luxurious feel very much like lace or silk. Alternatively, it is put in a splitting procedure which creates countless tiny loops that make it good in water absorbency. Additionally, it will help to enhance the softness and it’s lightweight. The microfiber is fantastic for lounging in and can be used in any season.

These robes are still entirely new, but their popularity is increasing in upscale resorts as well as retail stores. The disadvantage to these robes is they are quite expensive in contrast to the conventional robes utilized in most spas. But if you’re looking for the best in luxury in women’s bathrobe, you need to choose this alternative.

Spa Robes

These robes are a combination of two layers of fabric. They have a brushed microfiber outer coating and a terry cloth spa robe layer on the inside. It produces a wrapper with the best of the two. The silk outer coating provides this robe a new look with a suede feel while the terry interior gives this robe a superb water absorbency and soft feel.

These robes are the perfect gift for someone having a wedding, baby shower, anniversary celebration, or going on vacation.

Most modern spas use these dual-layer robes as the primary spa attraction for guests. You’ll also be able to locate them on sale at most day spas for around $120. But, take time and compare the robes because not all of them are of the same quality. The best robes are those with an outer layer, which has additional trimmings and detailing.

Cotton Waffle Robes

The waffle weaved micro cottonrobes could be distinguished from the consequent checkered or bead patterns. Most spas and hotels frequently use them as promotional presents for the guests. These robes are generally quite inexpensive and are commonly purchased in high volumes.

Since they are made of 100% cotton, they usually have excellent absorbency. But this also makes them more prone to shrinkage. For them to be considered of good quality, they need to have undergone pre-shrinking therapy.

Their main downside is they have excellent shrinkage potential and aren’t as soft as other high-end robes. However, for the price you purchase them, they will give you a high return on your money.

Cotton Terry Robes

These are robes Made from Egyptian and Turkish cotton. The usage of these two types of fabric has been in existence for decades. It is frequently utilized in high robes. The water absorbency is generally great particularly if the ratio of the density to weight is high.

These make the robes great to be used as shower robes. But they are sometimes very heavy if they absorb water. Apart from that, since they are made of pure cotton, they’re subject to shrinkage. The robes must experience pre-shrinking treatment to avert this problem.

The primary drawback to these robes is the fact that they tend to be quite heavy in a certain case. Other than that, they are also prone to shrinking if not pre-shrunk. However, if you would like an excellent robe to be used after leaving the restroom, these gowns are magnificent.

Cotton Velour Robes

These robes are made from similar material to that use in jumpsuits you wore at grade school.

Velour is quite equal to velvet since it is piled fabric. Since the material is thick and soft, it works great for robes.

To get the best quality from these robes, ensure they have a cotton material of at least 80%.

The primary drawback to these robes is that they are tight and can be very expensive in comparison to other robes. But, they’re still excellent if you want an insulation bathrobe to use especially in winter.

Satin and Silk Robes

Satin and silk men’s bathrobes and women’s bathrobes are renowned for their smooth feel. These robes are fantastic for the summertime. If you want an excellent robe for this particular tropical holiday, you should choose these robes.

But, their water absorbency is not excellent. Thus, are fantastic for lounging in but maybe not great to be used as shower robes. But their lightweight and fluidity during movement make them perfect for relaxing inside.

The primary downside is that they cannot be used in spas because they require delicate care; their water absorbency is also rather weak. However, if you are going on a tropical retreat, these robes are perfect.


It’s a great men’s bathrobe for use in cold weather. Though flannel is frequently thought of as being old-fashioned, bathrobes made from the substance can be as slick as lace robes. In earlier times flannel was made out of wool. However, it is now combined with cotton. The fuzzy surface of these robes usually helps to keep the wearer warm. Flannel bathrobes feel tender to the skin. They are an excellent option for people who wish to stay warm on a winter holiday.


For those seeking to get a hot bathrobe, wool is frequently the ideal bathrobe that comes to mind. The fabric is very heavy and bulky compared to other materials, which makes it remarkable for heat retention. The principal downside to wool robes is they frequently hold water, making them very bulky.

However, this issue is overcome by combining wool with other fabrics like polyester, which makes the robes quite light and comfortable to wear.

Bamboo Blend Bathrobes

These robes are made using the pulp of bamboo grass. The gowns are soft to touch and feel good against the skin.

The main draw of those robes is that they don’t lose their shine. Even after about 50 washes, they will still appear new. Besides that, bamboo grass has antimicrobial properties that assist it to repel bacteria.

The main drawback to these robes is the fact that they’ve low absorbency; this is often overcome by blending them with other fabrics like terry cotton.

Cotton Sherpa Robes

This fabric can be quite confusing for some. The word Sherpa is commonly utilized to refer to the liner of denim coats. The Sherpa utilized in bathrobes is a cotton knit with the pile. It is fairly similar to that found at a boat coat but is made of cotton.

The robes often contain 10% polyester, which helps stabilize the knit. The result is an excellent absorbency robe that is quite soft and the robes frequently don’t lose their softness even after several washes.


Besides the fabric, there are many other attributes, which you want to check when choosing a robe.

As an example, size and style are essential. You also need to think of the weather of the location at which you can use the bathrobe. If you are going on a tropical escape, you will want to ensure that you choose a lightweight robe that has excellent breathability. For the chilly weather, make certain you choose something, which keeps you warm but is still tender.

With all the cloth options presented previously, you will no doubt find what you like.

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